Geographic Information System (GIS)

Our GIS package is a flexible solution for creating, updating, managing and analyzing valuable geospatial information.
Generate and maintain data layers, perform dynamic spatial analysis, and automatically create maps and reports, all while managing data and map production more efficiently.

Agriculture Solution

The 21st century has now been predicted to be the century of "Knowledge" particularly as it relates to Science and Technology applied to Agriculture, information technology and industrialization. The challenge of Nigeria today and the 21st century is therefore the transformation of its educational, Science and technology values; to eradicate poverty and improve quality of life by actively responding to the basic needs of food scarcity among others.
Peucco's Agriculture Solution aim at promoting modern techniques in teaching agriculture students, technological infrastructure for research and analytical process for cross section of Agriculture Science.

Weather Solution

Weather information from TV or Internet weather stations, 10 or 20 miles away, often differs greatly from conditions at your location. As your on-site weather monitor, Peucco Weather Station can provide you with critical weather data for work or play: when a plunging barometer suggests an incoming storm; when an anemometer measures threateningly-high wind gusts; or when dangerously low wind chill conditions occur.

Weather Software

Your weather data, your PC. What could be better?
For the ultimate in weather monitoring, add Weather Software to a Peucco Weather station. Create graphs, calculate totals and averages, analyze trends, and moreā€”all with your own weather database. The Weather Software data logger fits neatly into the weather station console, storing data even when it's not connected to your PC.

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