Computerize Speech Lab(CSL)/Phonetics Lab

Our Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) is PEUCCO most advanced speech analysis system with compromise specifications and performance. Indeed, CSL system boasts numerous citations in professional peer-reviewed journals for their broad range of application in analyzing speech and voice. Since its introduction a decade ago, CSL has become the instrument of choice for Phoneticians and University researchers. Our CSL is a complete hardware and software system. Phonetics – Multi Speech which include Speech Tools, Speech Analyzer, Phonology Assistant, IPA Help, Speech Neuroscience for Human Communication, Phonetics & Perception Simulations, Simulation of Respiration, Phonation & Prosody, Speech Articulation. Applied Speech Science for Voice & Resonance Disorders, Applied Speech Science for Dysarthrias etc


Generally, our hardware PC system could be any Desktop or Laptop computer and Sound Amplifier & Voice Machine with input/output recording device for PC, which complies with the rigorous specifications and features needed for reliable acoustic measurements.
On research, we discover that most Universities could not maintain the old model of CSL equipment due to unqualified Technicians, hence, we introduce this Digital Projector compatibility CSL which one can get from any local market, thereafter configured PC system with Speech Suit application, since it is easy to Service and Repair, it allow Audio & Visual data collection, it gives automatic print out, it allows interaction in the classroom.

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