Multimedia Language Laboratory

Go beyond the traditional class room system and utilize the modern way of teaching languages.

Peucco MLL provides an easy way to master languages through the method of listening and learning in a fully computerized ambiance availing individual attention. This extraordinary way of learning a language is entirely different from the traditional way of learning. Here learning becomes more task-based and contextual thereby increasing the language proficiency in an individual. This helps the student to perfect their oral & aural abilities and on a whole it allows the aspirant to attain mastery over the language. This type provides the individual Student with a computer system and it is completely hard and software application.
With the advanced technology of Nigeria and foreign countries, our products have a good reputation among national and foreign customers. And in accordance with the General Specification of Language Laboratory-System, our product has been recognized by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SONCAP). We are committed to providing time bound products and software solution in the field of education.


  • Group Discussion
  • Conference(interactive Teaching)
  • Send Lesson Note
  • Audio & Video broadcast
  • Class attendance Manager
  • General, Group & Private Text/Video Chat
  • Text to Speech
  • Graphical Comparison
  • Record personal practice & conversation
  • Play Lesson
  • Library
  • Dictionary
  • Monitor & control Student
    • Lock & Unlock Screen
    • Lock & unlock mouse & keyboard
  • Listen, speak, read, write, repeat & record
  • Open Lesson(.pdf, .ppt, .docx, .mp3, .wav, .wmv, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .pdf, .docx, .ppt,
  • Learn/Teach any Language

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