About Peucco Global

We are Peucco Global Ventures Ltd., a R&D registered company in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration number RC: 458173. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and customer services of professional products.

Our Scope

We provide quality services in the sphere of Security Surveillance System, Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IEDs), IT and Educational Teaching Tools which include Lecture Theatre, Web Aided Information & Research Services, software development, Educational/Enterprise Portal Development, Language Laboratory, Communication Speech Lab, Phonetics Laboratory, eLibrary/eLibrary Software, eBooks, Conference/interpreter Meeting Equipment, ICT Lab, Campus Management Software, Payroll Management Software, Organization Management Software, Micro & Macro Laboratory, Speech/Dictation Lab, TV and Radio Studio, online examination System and search engine optimization.

Our Milestone

A Start-up company with just two staff in 1996 have grown over the past 17 years to become a standing force in the Nigeria educational sector. With advance technology of Nigeria and foreign countries, our products and services have good reputation among national and foreign customers. And in accordance with the General Specifications, our products and services have been recognized by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

Our Relationship

Our relationship with clients is a partnership - we bring our experience, best practices and tools to apply to clients' unique requirements. As it has become our watch word, we are committed to providing time bound products and software solution in all fields.
Peucco offers its clients the capability to reinvent, remodel and transform their operations and business services using proven business methodologies.

Our Mission

We stand to offer our clients the capability to reinvent, remodel and transform their operations and services using highest-quality technology.

Our Vision

To be a world class multi-competency IT Giant providing highest-quality technology through time bound innovative products and software solution in all fields

Our Selected Clients

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