Our Company

Peucco Global Ventures Ltd. is a R&D registered company in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration number RC: 458173. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and customer services of professional products.

Our Mission

We stand to offer our clients the capability to reinvent, remodel and transform their operations and services using highest-quality technology.

Our Vision

To be a world class multi-competency IT Giant providing highest-quality technology through time bound innovative products and software solution in all fields

Econometrics Laboratory

Our Econometrics Lab is a state-of-the-art and highly service-oriented computing facility that provides extensive server services, comprehensive user support and is committed to provide the best possible computational hardware and wide selection of statistical, mathematical and econometric packages for its users.
The laboratory is fully computationally equipped with Personal Computers as well as a number of Workstations used for computationally complex statistical and econometric methods. It is analogously equipped with the appropriate econometric, statistical and mathematical software and is connected to sources of economic statistics.
Because speed is most important when your problems are big, our Econometrics laboratory lets you analyze data in one-half to two-thirds speed when compared to other providers. It is a complete integration of various statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

Multimedia Language Laboratory(MLL)

Language Laboratory is the tool to inspire, teach, train and imbibe the quality of excellence in the skill of communication. This extraordinary way of learning a language is entirely different from the traditional way of learning. Here learning becomes more task-based and contextual thereby increasing the language proficiency in an individual. It provides an easy way to master the language through the method of listening and learning in a fully computerized ambiance availing individual attention. This helps the student to perfect their oral & aural abilities and on a whole it allows the aspirant to attain mastery over the language. This type provides the individual Student with a computer system and it is completely hard and software application.

Computerize Speech Lab(CSL)/ Phonetics Lab

Our Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) is PEUCCO most advanced speech analysis system with uncompromised specifications and performance. Indeed, CSL system boasts numerous citations in professional peer-reviewed journals for their broad range of application in analyzing speech and voice. Since its introduction more than a decade ago, CSL has become the instrument of choice for Phoneticians and University researchers. Our CSL is a complete hardware and software system.

Peucco Smart+

Peucco Smart+ is a complete integration of Smart Class, eLearning, Multimedia Language Lab & eLibrary. This is All-In-One! Simplifying Learning Across All Platform. Peucco Smart+ portfolio offer options that support the different ways of teaching and learning with elements of mobility to support reconfiguration. Schools are more than just classrooms. There are contained communities where students socialize as well as learn. Teachers train. Administrator plans.
Peucco Smart+ is able to serve over 20 simultaneous active Courses/Classes with capacity of over 100 students each class and can be hosted in both LAN and internet environments.
Classrooms and media centers today now incorporate new technologies such as smart phones, Tablets, laptops, WiFi connections and more. Peucco Smart+ run on multiplatforms giving support to iPads, iPhones, Androids, Macs, Linux, Windows PCs, Chromebooks, etc.

Science Laboratory

Transforming the science sector has become our utmost conscience. Hence Peucco Science Laboratory is a place of discovery and learning. Peucco Science Lab include:

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Integrated Science Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Mineral Resource Lab

Digital Language Laboratory(DLL)

The technology of Digital Language Laboratory is progressing fast with the development of internet and network day by day. Apart from the conventional audio materials, the demand for introducing internet materials and network messages into real teaching, which enable students learn foreign language effectively, is increasing higher.

Our Selected Clients

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