The need to transform the very rich and diverse Agricultural and natural resources of our country for sustainable socio-economic development formed the first basis of our objective in the agriculture sector. Built within this philosophy is the additional goal of development process of economic transformation . These are the driving forces behind the activities Peucco. The 21st century has now been predicted to be the century of "Knowledge" particularly as it relates to Science and Technology applied to Agriculture, information technology and industrialization. The challenge of Nigeria today and the 21st century is therefore the transformation of its educational, Science and technology values; to eradicate poverty and improve quality of life by actively responding to the basic needs of food scarcity among others. The achievement of these goals require adequate funding for teaching, research and students practical laboratory and field training programmes. Peucco's Agriculture Solution aim at promoting modern techniques in teaching agriculture students, technological infrastructure for research and analytical process for cross section of Agriculture Science.
Our Agriculture Solutions cut across Crop Science, Animal Science, Fishery, Laboratories, Agricultural Weather Systems, etc.
Peucco's Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory provides a wide range of testing programs for soils, water, plants, biosolids and other agricultural materials. Our goal is this is to promote practical, innovative, and affordable solutions to existing and emergent issues related to nutrient management and environmental quality. Our Laboratory provide analytical testing and research-based recommendations to support sustainable resource management decisions. The lab offers comprehensive analyses of soil, water, plant tissue, manure, compost, and other agricultural materials.
Peucco Agricultural Weather Systems is unsurpassed in providing professional grade weather stations to support critical decision making in agriculture. Whether you are concerned about irrigation needs, frost alerts, pest management, or accurately forecasting harvest dates, Peucco's agricultural Instruments provides a comprehensive solution at an affordable price. With our cellular/wireless telemetry, it is easy to collect data from anywhere on your farm.

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