Microteaching is a scaled-down, simulated teaching encounter designed for the training of both preservice or in-service teachers.
Its purpose is to provide teachers with the opportunity for the safe practice of an enlarged cluster of teaching skills while learning how to develop simple, single-concept lessons in any teaching subject. Microteaching helps teachers improve both content and methods of teaching and develop specific teaching skills such as questioning, the use of examples and simple artifacts to make lessons more interesting, effective reinforcement techniques, and introducing and closing lessons effectively. Immediate, focused feedback and encouragement, combined with the opportunity to practice the suggested improvements in the same training session, are the foundations of the microteaching protocol.
Before one attempts to understand, learn and perform effectively complicated task of teaching, one should first master the components of that task.
Peucco MICRO TEACHING LABORATORY is specially equipped, control environment for observing prospective teachers with students. This Laboratory System employs modern Micro Teaching techniques and technology which precede students teachers and make them more effective.
Peucco MICRO TEACHING LABORATORY is fitted with CCTV cameras, insulated control room and other digitalized materials. The CCTV cameras records both the teaching segment and the feedback session.
Over past years, testimonies have shown that users of Peucco Microteaching Lab have clearer and more positive sense of teaching, with a greater appreciation for the teaching styles of others, and with an enlarged sense of possibilities offered by the Lab.

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