Campus Management System

Peucco Campus Management System is a multifaceted package which provides sophisticated and superior technology and aims at offering quality service to the education sector. It is the trusted choice of campus administrators globally due to its advance features and real world information flow system.
It is a unique gateway of the school system inherently designed to service every cadre of persons — Administrative staff, Librarian, Lecturers, students/Parents, guests, etc. A world-class portal system which would help the institution in its management, processing of admission, compilation of result and other administrative operations.
Our CMS comes with eLibrary service but for students and staff of your institution. Our eLibrary system is a library in which collections are stored in digital/electronic form accessible to students from their portal. eLibrary users can select searches in the online catalogue for titles, authors, subjects or type keywords to describe an item they would like to find.

Features of CMS

  • More convenient.
  • Free up invaluable time for staff to spend on more important, strategic elements of registration process.
  • Give students access to worth-having information at their fingertip.
  • Secure result processing
  • Reduction in paper work associated with manual system
  • Comprehensive analysis of results
  • Higher level of security associated with storing student data.
  • Accuracy in compilation of result
  • 24/7 access to result irrespective of geographical location.

Module of CMS

  • Admission Processing
  • Course Registration Processing
  • ePayment
  • Corporate eMail Services
  • eNews Board
  • Time Table Manager
  • Classroom Manager
  • Result Manager
  • Transcript Manager
  • Attendance Manager
  • Exam scheduler
  • eExamination
  • eLibrary
  • eLearning Platform
  • Student Offence Manager
  • Hostel Manager
  • Report

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