Interactive Electronic White Board

Peucco Interactive Electronic White Board make learning natural. It is Designed to focus attention and provide a platform to boost the interactivity of your lessons. The integrate system combines an interactive whiteboard.
Peucco Interactive Electronic White Board and Peucco's IWB Studio software provide the essential building blocks for any digitally connected classroom. Because each classroom is unique, Peucco Interactive Electronic White Board are available in a wide variety of configurations, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.
Our IWB provide more efficient solution for classroom teaching, business meetings, training courses, presentations, etc. It is completely advance teaching aid equipment.

Standard Features

Touch Screen
Touch sensitive technique, dispense with special tool
Both right and left serves one, suites for PeuuccoPen and common water white board pen.
Wall-installed Shelf
Fixed Interactive WhiteBoard
10m USB Cable
USB2.0 connects computer and interactive board.
Expansion slot
For future update( ex. PeuuccoCard Wireless Intelligent Card)
Board Surface
Adopts special hard-coated polyester, the surface is clear, tear proof. (Water whiteboard film is available. Use board cleaner to remove )
Software function
Save handwritings, edit picture and text, draw curtain, focus light, cut pictures, record the screen, play videos, recognize writing
Five years quality guarantee( online register)
Ways of Induction
Touch Sensitivity
Pen, fingers, or other blunt object
USB or wireless
Workable temperature
Workable humidity
Memory temperature
Memory humidity
Size error: ±3mm,Weight error: 1Kg The shape and standard are subject to change without notice.

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