Online Examination System(OES)

Peucco Online Examination System(OES) is a Web-based package that aim at the automatic exam processes which speed up result computation.
Peucco Online Examination System(OES) was developed for examiners and students in mind. The main objective of Peucco OES is to provide all the features that an Examination System must have, with the "interfaces that doesn't Scare it's Users!".
Peucco Online Examination System(OES) is used for setting up exams from a question bank for set time periods, when submitted will give automatic correct results. Written exams for questions can also be given; answers have to be typed by the student and submitted. The answers are evaluated automatically and the results will be displayed on the student portal when logged in.
Our OEM is of three user lever:
Admininstrator, Teacher, and Student.

Features of OES

  • Automatic Answer Verification
  • Automatic submission of answer sheet
  • Display of time available for the examination
  • Create Question paper
  • Create Examination
  • Change Password
  • Create new Admin user
  • Create new Teacher
  • Create new Department
  • Create new Subject
  • Create Questions
  • There are fourteen types of questions available in the system:
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Multiple choices: multiple correct options
    • True / false
    • Match the following
    • Descriptive Questions
    • Case study: Fill in the blanks
    • Case study: True / False
    • Case study: Multiple choices
    • Audio : Fill in the blanks
    • Audio : True / False
    • Audio : Multiple choices
    • Video : Fill in the blanks
    • Video : True / False
    • Video: Multiple choices.

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