Library Management Solution (LMS)

Peucco Library Management Software is innovative and pioneering web based software for library automation which serves to the librarians as an invaluable tool. It is fully integrated multi-user software to catalogue, search and circulate your library collections including books, CDs, clippings, drawings, films or any media.
Peucco LMS is user friendly, menu driven, and highly interactive software. The accompanying on-site training and high quality reference manuals makes sure that the transition from the current computerized or manual system to Library is smooth and complete. Moreover, the software can work even with Bar Codes seamlessly. This eases the everyday tasks of big Libraries, where the No. of transactions exceed several thousands in number. The Bar-Code generation and printing process is a built-In feature of this software.
Peucco, the begetters of LMS is untouched in our unique approach to Technical Support and you will able to reach a live, knowledgeable, friendly person 24/7, 365 days a year .The committed after sales support and our technical team assures the success of your library computerization.

PEUCCO LMS at a glance:

  • Media creation management
  • Bar code/smart card integration and printing
  • Media supplement entry supervision
  • Member administration
  • Library member card issuer
  • Material reservation
  • Issue collection
  • Accept/ renew issues
  • Circulation management alert system.
  • Damage and missing book report
  • Fee/auto fine collection
  • Search vide media/member
  • Generate comprehensive reports


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Rich searching interface
  • Bar code supporter
  • Online help/Manual
  • Excellent after sale support


With the change in the economic balances, darkness of recession falling in, the budgets are shrinking every day. The need for cost reduction has made technologies to be automated using computers. In addition the human intervention of managing collections, user and accounts may result in errors, further adding to the overhead of the management. The repetitive task of librarians can be optimized by using computers which helps in reducing work load and time. By using library management software helps you to:
  • Reduce cost
  • Time saving
  • Man power reduction
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhance productivity of librarians and other staffs
  • Increase accessibility
  • Quick access to library collections
  • Shelf management
  • Helps manage budgets
  • Track user account
  • Customized report generation
  • Easy and fast decision making


Peucco LMS is the one stop solutions to manage your budget. It has been used by major libraries, schools, college and other educational institutes. LMS is the latest generation of library software; it is a complete system that automates nearly every library task for you. PEUCCO LMS stands out from all the other software that are available in the market today. Our LMS is upgraded continuously to meet the technological advances. The Other advantages for the librarians and other stake holders include:
  • Time saving and cost effective
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Greater customization
  • Free up gradation for one year
  • Free on-site installation and training
  • Online support 24/7
  • Faster and optimized Web OPAC integrated
  • Secure database
  • Customized report generation
  • Bar code generation
  • Membership card creation


The technical features of LMS reinforce the reasons why we have an edge over our other products. Both the modules are easy to use and ensure you best operative experience.


To make enriched experience for student/staff we have enhanced features included like:
  • Menu driven & drag down features
  • Rich searching interface
  • Extensive web OPAC for online search of information
  • Book reservation
  • Intimation of new arrival
  • Book details report
  • Password protected account


This administrative module ensures secure and integrated functioning of the library. We assure that the features are not limited to:
  • Media management
  • Media cataloging
  • Manage users
  • Bar code generation
  • Create user type
  • Membership Card generation
  • Fee setting and collection
  • Set priority for reservation
  • Store Publisher and Suppliers details
  • Send e-alert at client cost
  • Generate customized report for overdue ,fine ,bibliography or missing/damaged material report

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