Teaching Just Got Simplified.

GoClass is a classroom teaching and learning platform designed to simplify the way you teach. GoClass eliminate the constrain of being in a fixed position of a classroom to write. It centers on the use of Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, WiFi connections and more thereby replacing the use of mouse and chalks with hands or our inkless pen. With GoClass, the teacher can make annotations on device interface, and draw various geometrical diagrams and physics or chemistry experiment diagrams. When it comes to slides and presentations, with GoClass, every thing goes perfect and bring out into play the inspiration and innovation (that can be stored and used later), which enhances the teaching enthusiasm and quality to a higher level. In addition, the teacher can make comprehensive use of words, pictures, videos, sound, music, and self-made demonstration systems to show course contents to students in a vivid and authentic manner. This strengthens the interaction and emotional communication between teachers and students, deepens students’ comprehension, and inspires student interest and thirst for knowledge. Learning no longer poses a headache to students.
Compared with traditional teaching assistant tools, GoClass can make teaching yield twice the result with half the effort. Our GoClass is a One-Time-Purchase with no monthly/yearly subscription making you to minimize cost and maximize profit.
If GoClass and Peucco IWB are used together, the effect is even better. The teacher can interact with students in the front of the whiteboard, and walk freely in the classroom. During interaction with students, the teacher can also control the computer remotely to achieve the optimal teaching effect.


  • Autosave lecture section for further
  • Support use with IWB
  • Support Visual Lecture
  • Support Slides, annotations, diagrams, images/pictures, etc
  • Support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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