Peucco Academy Multicasting Solution(PAMS)

Peucco Academy Multicasting Solution(PAMS) is an Internet Based Group-Learning-Platform that enable remote viewing, listening and recording from anywhere in the world thereby making learning more interactive. Because we know that to learn is to understand and be able to apply what you have been taught, PAMS is optimized for easy and efficient learning to help teachers & students improve their teaching and professional development.
PAMS connect Institution's various learning centers together. PAMS can Connect over 50 Study/Learning Centers positioned at various geographical location and each Study/Learning center can accommodate 50 Students at a time. What this means is teaching 2500 persons at different geographical location at Real-Time.
PAMS comprises of Hardware and software.
PAMS provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection, etc.
PAMS is suitable for Banks, Colleges, Universities, Learning Centers, etc.

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